Posted: 12/12/2012

Dear Indian Archery family,

We are extremely happy that our most hon' president and the God father of Indian Archery Prof. VK Malhotra Ji has given Tamil Nadu the chance to host the 33rd Sahara Recurve, Compound and Para Archery National Championships from 26th Dec to 31st Dec 2012.

My state president Shri S. Balaubramaniam Adityan had given me an affectionate order when he took over as president that our first task must be to bring the Nationals to Chennai.

It was a "great directive in the right direction" as Tamil Nadu has never witnessed an Archery Nationals ever and it is extremely important that the young and inexperienced Archers of the state need to be motivated by the enormity of the scale of a National Championship.

I must thank Shri Virendra Sachdeva Ji who reposed so much faith in TAAT and me, and made this dream of ours happen!

Shri Anil Kameneni Ji and Shri Gunjan Ji have as usual been great pillars of strength in all our preparations.

I thank them and several experienced Secretaries and Coaches of several state associations as well as several Olympian Archers who have been voluntarily calling and giving suggestions, advising and morally supporting TAAT in the organizing of our maiden nationals.

Our greatest difficulty started with our venue as Tamil Nadu and Chennai have no grounds large enough to hold a Senior Archery Nationals. Our great desire to hold the finals in a public place, the Marina or Besant Nagar Beach to make Archery spectator friendly also had its own hurdles with Supreme Court stays against having any show on the beaches.

The concern that on New Year's Eve, the crowds will be huge and the fear by officials that a stray arrow hitting someone might prove disastrous have created several impediments. There are challenges of shifting venues and materials too.

We have finally fixed Anna University Sports Grounds, Guindy, Chennai as the best available venue.

We still hope that we should resolve to hold the finals on the beach.

As far as the accommodations are concerned, we are providing hotel rooms for all so that your stay will be as comfortable as possible.

All hotels will be near the Chennai Central Railway Station in the midst of the city and on triple sharing basis per room.

All Presidents, Secretaries, and Technical Officials will be accommodated in a separate hotel on a twin-sharing basis per room.

We wish to take the Archery family on a sight seeing picnic on the 31st to a few important places in Chennai and then end up with a NEW YEAR PARTY hosted by us.

It would be fun for the whole Indian Archery fraternity to party together!

We have composed a "theme song" for the event and it promises to be on everyone's lips and a major hit.

We are planning to have short entertainment events every evening after the shooting gets over. So we request everyone to stay back. And yes, "NO ONE GOES BACK EMPTY HANDED".

We are going to give "very special participation mementoes" to all participants. So special that you will really be proud to take it home.


We are also going to make sure photos are taken of every single participant and you can down load it from our site.

We feel that Archery's status has to be elevated to a "spectator sport" and that people must pay to witness it.

So for the very first time in the history of the sport in India, audiences will have to buy tickets for the event and we are confident that we will be a "SELL OUT!"

Tickets are available at the Headquarters of Chennai Archery Nationals at the following address:
T 16/2, Coastal Road, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090.

For the contestants who always want to practise., we will provide another field nearby with at least 40 target butts. You can practise here from 6 AM to 6 PM everyday during the championships.

I thank all my Archers and Volunteers who are spending days and nights toiling hard to plan and execute this Nationals. The Tamil Nadu team of Archers have no time to practise seriously as all are involved in the preparations. We are not hoping / aspiring for any medals. We just want to be perfect hosts.

We really want to make this Championships most memorable for all of you.

Olympics 2016 - "AMMA CAN!" is our tag line.

Under the inspiring leadership of our most adored and sports loving Chief Minister "AMMA", Tamil Nadu is on the Road to the Rio Olympics - 2016!

Don't be surprised if Tamil Nadu Archers make it to the next Olympics!

It's an "All out Medal Mission in Archery" - AMMA.

CAN - Chennai Archery Nationals.

Welcome to Chennai!

Lets all have a great time together.

Hu Hussaini
Event Architect
Founder and General Secretary
The Archery Association of Tamil Nadu